Terms and conditions of sale

All sales are final.

The Brahmi Writing Appliance uses the award-winning RaspberryPi hardware and customized open-source Raspbian software. Each unit is individually tested and certified before shipping.

Hardware Warranty Details: 1-year Manufacturer Warranty for the Raspberry Pi mother-board, keyboard and mouse, handled by their respective manufacturers. 

Software: Besides Brahmi Keyboard-specific code, the open-source used in the product is neither made nor supported by Brahmi Computing. It is distributed "as is" as a public service.

Support: We provide email/phone support for 2 weeks after delivery.

Other: Brahmi Computing is indemnified against any damages arising from inappropriate or unlawful use of its products. This Terms and conditions of sale (ToS) is governed by the laws of India and the courts of Bengaluru, India, have exclusive jurisdiction over it.